SBI SIP Mutual Fund

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Systematic investment tactics are a systematic and disciplined go,shift toward to investment and wealth creation. Instead of creation a big investment at one time, in SIP you can spend little sums at usual intervals thus taste a custom of usual savings. If you are a big spender and discover by means of expenditures are additional supposed by means of pay after that go for SIP mutual funds. This determination power you to use at smallest amount a number of fraction of by means of pay each month. Mutual funds are a extremely secure way of investing cash and SIP mutual funds are still better. These are ideal solutions to the majority of us who lined afford to create a big investment at one go. This is a high-quality way to save for by means of child’s education, marriage or at ease retirement for you and by means of spouse. The lowest create up investment quantity is 500 rupees per month construct is affordable by the majority people.

State Bank of India is one of the the majority engage in recreation community sector banks in India. If you are a novice in investment after that SBI SIP tactics may be high-quality alternative for you. Here are a number of SBI SIP mutual funds available.

  • Magnum Equity Fund - Minimum request of thousand rupees is wanted and SIP is Rs. 500/month for 12 months.
  • Magnum Tax Gain – Minimum request quantity is Rs 500 and minimum SIP quantity is Rs.500/month for12 months
  • Magnum Index Fund – Minimum SIP quantity is Rs.500/month for12 months
  • Magnum Sector Funds Umbrella – Minimum investment quantity is Rs. 2000 per sector and minimum SIP quantity is Rs.500/month for12 months
  • Magnum Global Fund - Minimum SIP quantity is Rs.500/month for12 months
  • Magnum Midcap Fund - Minimum SIP quantity is Rs.500/month for12 months
  • Magnum Mutlicap Fund – Minimum SIP quantity is Rs.500/month for12 months
  • Blue Chip Fund - Minimum investment – Rs. 5000 and in multiples of Rs. 1000

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