Stock Market will jump by 38% in China

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It seems that 2011 will be a good year for the Commodity Futures Trading inChina be. The negotiations on the four commodity futures in China increased arecord 38.44% in January and February, according to the China Futures Association.

According to a report in "People's Daily Online, theValue of futures trading in China in the first two months of this rose38.44 percent over the previous year to 19 160 million yuan (2,920 billion €).

The report cited figures from the China Futures Association said the volume of futures trading in February fell 13.93percent of 62 million tickets, but the transaction value rose 62.14 percent to8.54 billion yuan, 12, since 78 per cent and 19.53 per cent January, respectively.

China has four futures exchanges with agriculturalcommodities primarily on the Dalian and Zhengzhou commodity exchanges are traded in the first place metal for men in Shanghai Futures Exchange and the Stock Index Futures Contracts on Financial Futures Exchange traded by China.

Shanghai Futures Exchange saw its transaction volume in Februarydrop 46.69 percent to 15.84 million lots and the time of the transaction value of two 26.5percent 2,250 million yuan.

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Exchange trading volume in February was down 1.48 percent to 25.48 million ZhengzhouCommodity Lose butthead increased value of transactions by 71.76 percent to 2420 billion yuan.

Volume of transactions in the Dalian Commodity Exchange in February rose7.45 percent to 17.73 million lots with a sale of up to 27.08 percentto 1,010 million yuan.

In the China Financial Futures Exchange, the transaction volume and value of the lots is 2.99 million and 2860 billion yuan, 31.14 percent and 28.36 percent was in January, respectively.

Open interest at the end of February at the Shanghai Futures Exchange, Change ZhengzhouCommodity, Dalian Commodity Exchange rose 9.57 percent, 11.25 percent 17.27 percentand in February compared to January, but China Financial Futures Bag suffered a decline of 1, 51 percent in this regard.

Chen Hong, managing director of the Beijing division of Nanhua Futures, attributed the decline in transaction volume in a series of moves by The futures market authorities speculation discouraged since the end of November, including the scrapping of preferential pricing agreements restrict transaction and the opening of raising the level of deposit .

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