What Are Recurring Deposits?

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Recurring deposits are a debt group investment tool. In petroleum deposit, a exacting quantity of cash is deposited each month to construct up wealth for a longer era of time. The skin of it are:

- It characteristic little quantity of cash to create with.

- It extra an attention speed of 8 to 9 percent.

- It is a debt instrument and hence it is danger free.

- It characteristic minimum official procedure to unlock a recurring deposit.

- It can be nominated to a next party in container of an unfortunate demise of the primary party.

- It theater to make wealth in excess of a extended era of time. It inculcates the essential custom of savings in a person.

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- Modern age deposits approach by means of diversity of features. The Flexible Recurring Deposit of United Bank of India enables a client to deposit any quantity per month on top of a stipulated inferior limit. Thus if a client has got surplus cash, he can securely park it in petroleum supposed deposit.

Corporation Bank announced a Recurring Deposit in construct the end profits determination go to buy Gold for the customer. It is an outstanding tool to save cash to buy Gold for prospect purpose.

- These deposits are too eligible for loan. hat income loan can be in use after that to the deposits with no contravention as,at the same occasion as deposits.

- Any figure of installments can be known or deposited in advance.


- These deposits contain no equity exposure, and hence contain lined give extraordinary returns.

- They are too not eligible for Income Tax deductions.


In general, as,at the same occasion as deposits are outstanding to meet wealth in excess of a extended era of occasion in a secure and well-organized manner.

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