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Can Bull Rally

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If you believe that investors were the bad things two years ago, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S & P 500 fell to lows of 10 years in the depths of economic crisis are unlikely to be much happier today. is a good news that the stock prices have recovered – receive 85% of the financial market crisis, the bottom of the ninth in March 2009 met – the bad news is that it feared so much uncertainty in the market, as it was then, and investors that any moment something could trigger a massive accident.

The truth is that there be a case, either run for a big bear market decline or a big rally in the top of the manifestation of two years, we have already experienced. No doubt there are a lot of things to worry for investors, a number of things have improved significantly over the past two years.

The companies are in better shape than two years ago

The economy was in better shape than they were two years ago, the prevailing view on Wall Street, that most companies are in better shape was also involved in massive layoffs and austerity measures to preserve their profit margins during the recession. But now there are few easy ways for new companies to lower costs and more profit to face, the higher sales generated in a different and more expensive than it was two years ago.

To make matters worse, doubling the cost of raw materials or tripled in the last two years. These higher prices for oil, corn, cotton, soybeans, metals, energy and cutting profit margins, many companies have much to improve their sales just to keep pace with levels of performance in the last year.

Companies can realistically expect a big sale when everything is more expensive, consumers remain cautious with its use and the economy expanded only at a moderate pace? If they can, we are likely see a long bull market. If they can not, then the company will crawl back into the picture. A technical argument for the downward trend

From the depths of the market in March 2009, we experienced a bull market rally two years, analysts atsay only happened nine times since 1900. Two years should be almost constantly moving up market something to celebrate, but historically has been, this pattern is a harbinger of a declining market, not one based on a long rally.The bull market last two years to March 1987 and was later followed by seven months as the October 1987 stock market crash on Black Friday. "

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"Tends After hitting a bull market two years anniversary of the Dow Jones on the march in the next six months," said Rocky White, a quantitative analyst at Schaeffer's Investment Research. "But the return is bearish in the long run. A year after this event, which was the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 2.7%. Two years later, the Dow is only 25% of the time on average, a significant loss of 6.3% .

While this type of evaluation could feed the pessimism of investors, it should be noted that we never experienced a boom two years in a global economy. International markets have a greater influence on what happens this time, one could argue that we are in uncharted territory. Welcome to the population of the tires are not as 'Up' as seen

While Wednesday will mark two years of a bull market, but also marks the end by some as a lost decade for stocks. The average stock returns of the market in the last decade was slightly negative, and analysts surveyed by Savant Capital Management, says it does not happen in more than 100 years.

"Historically, after a period of 10 years in return for the S & P 500, which tend to see above average returns in the next decade in the future," says Grant Moore, a financial advisor Savant Capital.

Moore said that although it is certainly in the short term in a declining market may be due to fears of political instability in the Middle East and other factors, says the average annual return over the next ten years, probably one or two percentage points higher than it normally. "If the market is usually 9% to 11% of profits, it is reasonable to expect 10% to 12%," he says.

Why Moore is so optimistic? He believes that art market crash has a lot of people wrongly undervalued, and fall do not see much more value, as most companies a good job cutting costs and trimming its debts have made.

"The fact is that companies are sitting on record levels of cash – which is very profitable and undervalued relative to the mean are long term," said Moore. "It should be noted that most investors will see some positive results in the future."

Over this period, the profits will take a decade or just the next six months, is unknown.

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Islamic State of Iraq detained "Finance"

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M & C: "Mosul, Iraq – The Iraqi army is an insurgent associated with al-Qaeda arrested on Tuesday, six people were killed in separate attacks, security officials said.

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Army arrested calledof Islamic State of Iraq called the northern city of Mosul, said a military source. "

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Google Finance "dictionary of the" key financial terms

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Google Finance has launched a "dictionary" function in relation to the financial conditions in the upper part of the company since then. Go to the definitions, a business in Google Finance and moves with the mouse on the financial status of the stock price.

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Google says it has more than 3,700 ideas, 38,000 votes received, when asked readers about what new features you have in Google Finance. And Dictionary is one of the 10 consultations with more than 700 votes. "

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